Julian .H

It turns out Playa Tranquilo used to be a type of scuba training school and was turned into a magnificent boutique hotel.

We actually went back and forth a couple of times per day, taxis will come and pick you up at your door and drop you off at the same it’s less than a 20 minute drive. You do not want to be close to the center it’s too loud and too much going on, vendors always trying to sell you something.

The houses themselves are very modern at playa, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the pool is just a great place to relax. There is a lady that comes by and prepares an amazing breakfast every morning. There is always someone onsite 24/7 just watching the grounds.

Make sure you talk to Moises or someone from the scuba diving office onsite. Scuba diving just in front of Playa Tranquilo is awesome, there is a sunken ship that you can explore while diving.
About our trip: We visited Bogota (3 days), San Andres (3 days), Cartagena (3 days)
We left Playa Tranquilo excited about Cartagena and what it had to offer. But after Playa Tranquilo we ended up just staying in the hotel or going shopping and not doing much in Cartagena, we just wanted to be back in San Andres and enjoy Playa Tranquilo.

Stayed March 2012, traveled with friends

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